Basic concept: respecting people, making conscience, thinking about him

Company vision: To be a world-class creative stationery pioneer

Company mission: Let children around the world have a more exciting childhood

Entrepreneurial spirit: innovation, focus, cooperation, and win-win

Outlook on life: perseverance, never give up, achieve dreams

Core Values: Commitment to Social Responsibility > Enhance Customer Value > Maintain Team Benefits > Achieve Personal Growth

Enterprise talent concept: focus on morality, both ability and political integrity

Business philosophy: create, never stop

Xindu training:

1. Be a person who can make others feel at ease

2. It is more important to have results than to make sense.

3. A trace of suspicion will lead to complete failure

4. Excellent employees need "not arrogant professional"

5. Very hardworking, very rewarding

6. Doing your job is the biggest contribution to the team.

7. Whoever makes me suffer will make me strong

8. I no longer complain

9. Call it, come and fight, use me in the first battle, use me to win

10. Stick to the end, never give up